We work in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq. Kurdistan sits in the middle of a region torn apart by conflict—giving us opportunities to serve Muslims, Christians, and Yezidis in Jesus' name.

Our Location

Our office in Duhok is small because we are mostly a group of volunteers seeking to follow the commands of Jesus by loving our neighbors and the displaced in our region. We have a small office and storage space (for emergency relief) in Duhok though we have operations from Zakho (by the Turkish border) down to areas around Mosul. While many major organizations operate in our area, our flexibility and smaller size allows us to find and assist those who need help but are outside of the scope of major relief operations and official camps.

While many historic Christians are fleeing Iraq, we are glad to live where we do and serve the calling of God in difficult places. While we do at times serve persecuted Iraqi Christians, our love for our neighbors compels us to serve all hurting peoples in our region, regardless of religion—including Sunni Arabs from Mosul, Muslim Kurds from disputed areas and Kurdistan, and Yezidis who were massacred under ISIS. For serving our neighbors in Jesus' name, we couldn't think of a more strategic place to be at a time like this.