Zalal Life has been serving those in need in Iraq and Kurdistan since 2009. Since it's locally run, Zalal Life can move quickly into high risk areas—providing aid (and Hope) to those who need it when crisis hits.


Our Mission

Zalal Life is a local Iraqi Christian society that seeks to live out the commands of Jesus Christ among our Muslim, Christian, and Yezidi neighbors by blessing our community through tangible acts of love while developing life-changing friendships with those we serve. Since 2014, Zalal Life has particularly focused our relief efforts on those who have been displaced by the war in Syria, displaced by ISIS, or persecuted for their race or religion.

Zalal Life offered my family food and water when everyone else abandoned us and we ran from ISIS. I thank God for them.
— "Parween", displaced in the ISIS genocide of the Yezidi people in August 2014

What We've Achieved RECENTLY

  • Creation of a sewing factory in Sharia camp to employ IDP (Internally Displaced Person) women to give them a sustainable livelihood (Fall 2017).

  • We provided relief supplies, food, water, and health packets to 650 displaced people from Telskuf, Iraq during the Kurdish-Iraqi conflict (October 2017).

  • One-thousand health care packets distributed, one-thousand blankets, and more than 3,000 outfits to Kurdish IDPs from Kirkuk during Kirkuk conflicts (October 2017).

  • Three thousand backpacks with school supplies given for IDPs (Yezidi, Christian, and Muslims) in various areas and camps (September 2017).

  • Continual food distribution program for 650 families over a nine-month period (2017).

  • Clothing and healthcare packets support (ongoing) for Yezidi IDPs (displaced from 2014 Genocide) in Khankê and Sharia camps (early 2017).

  • Two electrical generators for persecuted Christians (a destroyed Christian church and one for the village, in Bashiqa and Dihe in early 2017).

  • Ongoing mobile medical clinic providing general medicine to refugees, IDPs, and poor in Duhok governorate (ongoing throughout 2017).

  • Family development training program in partnership with World Vision in Duhok governorate (October 2017).

  • Vocational tailoring training for Yezidi IDP’s in Sharia camp (October 2018).

Check Zalal Life's Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date information on recent projects and distributions.

Our structure

Zalal Life functions as a registered society and foundation within the Kurdistan Regional Government. While we may operate in many the same ways as a charity or non-profit, our flexibility as a society allows us to adapt to new needs as they develop, partner with a growing community of volunteers and churches, and develop new initiatives that may be outside the scope of a typical NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).

Zalal Life has a board of directors and several accountability mechanisms in place to provide financial transparency and responsibility. As an Iraqi society of mostly volunteers, we don't spend money on marketing, credit card fees, administrative overhead, or transporting foreign staff from the West. Most of our donors are very pleased that often 100% of donated project money is used directly on refugees and IDPs.

We thank Zalal Life for their work in aiding IDP’s and refugees in our very overwhelmed region.
— Kurdistan Regional Government, Ministry of Interior